Philadelphia Riichi Mah-Jawng Tournament 2020

Join us for Philly’s inaugural riichi mahjong tournament!

The Philly Riichi Mah-Jawng Club is hosting its first tournament, and we want you to play! Join us on February 15th and 16th for two days of riichi mahjong in Philadelphia’s beloved autotable cafe!

Compete for hundreds of dollars in prizes, including mahjong loot purchased in Japan.

1st Place Prize: A set of Japanese R-type Mahjong tiles. Seen here.
2nd Place Prize: A set of color tembo + $60 Amazon gift card
3rd Place Prize : A set of color tembo + $40 Amazon gift card
4th+5th Place Prizes: A set of color tembo + $30 Amazon gift card
6th Place Prize: $20 Amazon gift card
7th Place Prize: $10 Amazon gift card
Booby prize (Second to last place): $10 Amazon gift Card
Plus Door Prizes!

More tournament details to come, but here’s the gist:

Where? Cube Cafe 116 N 9th St, Philadelphia PA 19107 (9th and Arch)

Recommended Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Center City 1100 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Two blocks from the autotable cafe and one block from Round1 Philadelphia.

When? Tournament is Saturday 2/15/2020 and Sunday 2/16/2020. Informal club gatherings on Friday 2/14/2020 and Monday 2/17/2020 at the Cube Cafe and Philadelphia Round1 three blocks away.

Who? 20 riichi mahjong competitors, hopefully including you!

What? 6 hanchan with random placements, then a 2 hanchan final round. 4 hanchan per day, with a time limit of 60 minutes + a final all-last hand, if applicable.

Cost? $60, including a catered lunch on Saturday and Sunday. (Outside of tournament hours, Cube Cafe charges $20 table/hour to play on the autotables. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like! They’re open until 1 AM)

Rules Used

  • Uma: +15 / +5 / -5 / -15
  • Open Tanyao
  • Dora, Ura Dora, Kan Dora,
  • Double Ron, Triple Ron
  • Ippatsu
  • Kiriage (4-han 30-fu is rounded up to mangan)
  • Liability payments: Daisangen (Big Three Dragons), Daisūshii (Big Four Winds)
  • Renhō (Blessing of Man): mangan
  • Kuikae (swap calling) is not permitted.
  • Not used: Red fives, agariyame (last dealer ending game if currently the top scorer), kazoe yakuman (capped at sanbaiman), double yakuman, nagashi mangan, open riichi, all abortive draws, tobi (bankruptcy)

Our Tournament Rules and Guidelines will follow those in the WRC Rulebook linked here.

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Current Sign Ups

  1. Mark A Teseny – Philadelphia
  2. Nick Rhoades – Philadelphia
  3. Mike Lee – Philadelphia Justin Dilgard – Western Dragon Mahjong Club
  4. Seyama – Nippon Club New York
  5. Zhang Yaowen – Nippon Club New York
  6. Matsuhashi – Nippon Club New York
  7. Hidaka – Nippon Club New York
  9. Lee – Nippon Club New York
  10. Igeta – Nippon Club New York
  11. Sukimoto – Nippon Club New York
  12. Shannon Granville – Washington, DC
  13. Arthur McAnally – Baltimore Mahjong
  14. Michael Groleau – DMV Mahjong Estey Gerstner – Rochester
  15. Robert Carmosino – USPML
  16. Ty Kennedy – Nine Gates Mahjong Club; Rochester, NY
  17. Jaben McCormack – Nine Gates Majhong, USPML, #DoraHuggers #TenhouTuesday
  18. Claire Pozniak – NYC USPML physically / Boston 9 gates in my heart
  19. Jeshipio “Pio” Yoon – USPML
  20. Jenny Li – Philadelphia


  1. Estey Gerstner – Rochester **Registered**
  2. Justin Dilgard – Western Dragon Mahjong Club **Registered**
  3. Steven Smith – Hammergirl
  4. Brendan O’Dowd – Boston
  5. Stefan Lopez – DMV Mahjong
  6. Kevin Shi – USPML/Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club